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Tenants are valued customers. They know that they are important to us

Advertising, Tenant Find, Referencing and Viewings Can Cost up to £500.00 with many Agencies. We offer ALL OF THIS INCLUDING First Month’s management Fee for just £5.00 to celebrate our 5th Birthday! Sign up 31st July to avail of this offer which expires 31st December 2022. To clarify, sign up with us by 31st July, but if house is not ready until, say, September Birthday Offer still stands until 31st December.

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At Opal Lettings, we rarely have disputes with tenants, as we like to give them a high standard of customer service, keep certification up-to-date, and respond quickly when a repair request is made. If they have a concern, we listen! And do our best to help if we can.


“Carole is a great Landlord, she always sorts out everything ASAP showing that she does care about us and our well-being.  I think that she is understanding and knows how to approach any issues,  there isn’t really anything bad I can say about her, and I am being honest.”

Tenant Lukas N, Huntingdon 2017

“Carole is a brilliant and compassionate Lettings Agent, very professional and prompt when it comes to matters affecting tenants”

Tenant Nick C, Huntingdon 2019

“In my view, I think Carole as an agent is very kind and understanding towards her tenants.  Not only that but trustworthy as well making her tenants happy and comfortable.  I would give her 10 out of 10 stars and would recommend anyone to her as a Landlord.”

Tenant Liam F, Peterborough 2020

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