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Should Agents Be Able to Visit Rented Houses Anytime They Like?

Should Agents Be Able to Visit Rented Houses Anytime They Like?

Definitely not, in my opinion. Of course, under housing law, Landlords or Agents have to give a minimum of 24 hours notice if they need to visit, and tenant can refuse them entry. Housing Law recognises that a tenant is entitled to “quiet enjoyment” of their home. I think if I were a tenant, I wouldn’t want the Landlord or Agent rocking up to my house disturbing my privacy anytime they felt like it. if tenant continually refuses them entry just to be awkward; and if they have a valid reason for visiting such as a GSI renewal or H&S visit etc., they can eventually gain entry providing they follow certain criteria, but that is for another day.

Of course, sometimes a Landlord/Tenant relationship can become toxic, whereas even if a tenant drives an Agent to distraction, the Agent should always maintain as professional a relationship as possible under the circumstances.

As an Agent or Landlord who might be responsible for several dozens of houses, you would have thought this could prove to be a nuisance. Not at all. Tenant doesn’t mind a trade visiting their house in nine cases out of ten, especially if he/she comes to fix the boiler or stops a leak coming through the ceiling, or similar. They prefer to let the trade in themselves at a mutually suitable time and the rest of the paperwork surrounding such a visit can be done online.

In all the years I have been a Landlord, I have never been refused entry by a tenant until 2020. I have been refused a few times during 2020, and that was because of Covid. And you don’t mess with Covid. Have you ever refused or been refused entry to a rented house?