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Landlords Can Coronavirus Proof!

Have you noticed recently that we are all reeling from the impact of Coronavirus fiasco? Or have you been……. Never mind! Landlords can Coronavirus Proof certain things within their properties!

I tried to decipher the impact of Coronavirus on the property and lettings industry and tried to make some sense of it. I listened to what the experts had to say, and their thoughts veered wildly from one extreme to the next. Although, I have to admit the conspiracy theories are highly entertaining………

All small businesses are struggling, and the two main things we have to worry about is cashflow and when we can get back to normal. So I have compiled a few useful things you Landlords can Coronavirus proof.

What Can We Do?

If Cashflow has dried up, one way Landlords Can Coronavirus proof is by visiting You will fill out a form and it will work out if you can claim anything. Some people can claim Universal Credit.

Landlords can Coronavirus proof by being aware the 3 months mortgage holiday actually means it is added on to the end of your term with extra interest! Avoid if you can!

The announcements that tenants can ask for a 3 months rental payment holiday was deliberately worded inaccurately! It has tenants thinking they have free rent for 3 months. They don’t! They will have to pay it back. Landlords can Coronavirus proof by issuing a Temporary Rental Arrangement Schedule template, if you need one please let me know.

Landlords can Coronavirus proof by realising they can’t start eviction proceedings until after end of May 2020. But if parting company with some one is imminent, Landlords can continue to record every phone call text etc., as evidence.

How Can We Do It?

Landlords can Coronavirus proof by knowing your eggs from your onions! If you would like to ask an Accountant, I would highly recommend Polly Lee from Leep Financial. Yes she is my accountant. But I also have to say that she has been exemplary in her efforts to keep up to date with latest information. Polly has been in contact with HMRC several times a day since this debacle began. She has all the latest news in respect of what help people can get. She has emerged as the hero of the hour among Peterborough business owners in recent weeks, as she has gone out of her way to help anyone she can. Polly can be reached

Today, 3rd April, Rishy Sunak announced some more help for SME’S: “Instead, property industry firms will be relieved to hear, CBILS lending is now available to all SMEs and directors requesting loans under £250,000 will only have to make personal guarantees for 20% of the money borrowed. If this is true, it could help a lot of small property businesses.

Landlords can Coronavirus proof viewings. If you already have videos of your property, prospective tenants can view them instead of viewing in person. It is ok to move tenants in and out of Single Lets, as that will not impact on anybody else.

It is not ok to move people in or out of HMO’s, as no one knows who is carrying the virus. One of our HMO’s is in full isolation because a tenant showed symptoms last week. We also have an empty room there. Imagine if we tried to move someone in just now? I don’t think so!

What Can We Avoid?

If you have been bombarded with companies offering Rent Guarantee Insurance, don’t take it. By all means if you want to when things get back to normal providing you read the small print carefully. But at the moment they are only trying to get sales, as their normal policy is to cover new tenancies only, not someone who has just scarpered owing rent!

If you are seriously bored, you can read the booklet from The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: 

And finally, if I can help and/or advise in any way, just ask! Keep safe and well and keep your distance!