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Right to Rent, Online Checks and Brexit, What You Need to Know

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Right to Rent was introduced in February 2016 to try and prevent illegal immigrants applying for housing in England by making all adult occupants prove they have a legal right to reside in the UK before getting a tenancy. Landlords and Agents were, and still are, obliged to ensure these checks are done correctly, or […]


  OPAL LETTINGS LTD. TERMS OF BUSINESS Between the Landlord: First Landlord’s Name First Landlord’s Address Second Landlord’s Name Second Landlord’s Address (“The Landlord”) and the Agent: Opal Lettings Ltd 16 Richmond Close, Huntingdon, PE29 7LD (“The Agent”) For the property: Address(s) of Property(s) to be Rented   These Terms of Business set out the […]

How To Be A Good Landlord in Huntingdonshire

How To Be A Good Landlord in Huntingdonshire Here at Opal Lettings in Huntingdon, we work hard at being good Letting Agents. We work with both our tenants and our landlords to find the best property and tenant match to suit both parties, we make sure everything is legal and running smoothly, then we are […]

Landlords, In the Current Climate, Mediation is Key!

I am currently dealing with a client situation, whereby I have advised client not to instruct me evict this particular tenant. The tenant is a rude and demanding person who thinks the world revolves around them, and recently let an electrician in to do an EICR test, and then wouldn’t let him actually do the […]

Islamic Mortgage Anyone And Property News Roundup

I was reading about Islamic mortgages becoming even more mainstream just this week. I studied the subject several years ago as part of my property training, and decided to revisit. Before I go any further, I must stress I am not a mortgage broker, and neither am I am property sales agent, I am quite […]

Should Agents Be Able to Visit Rented Houses Anytime They Like?

Should Agents Be Able to Visit Rented Houses Anytime They Like? Definitely not, in my opinion. Of course, under housing law, Landlords or Agents have to give a minimum of 24 hours notice if they need to visit, and tenant can refuse them entry. Housing Law recognises that a tenant is entitled to “quiet enjoyment” […]

Extra charges – opal lettings versus other agents

  Services Charges From Other Agents Our Charges Reference and install reputable tenants Equivalent one and a half months rent (£975) plus 20% VAT 0 Referencing is with Vouch Ltd, includes Financial checks, employment history, affordability, Adverse Credit, full verification £25 – £50 plus VAT 0 Renew agreements at no extra charge to tenants or […]

Buy To Let Landlords – Your Country Needs You!

We know the divide between wages and house prices in the UK is rather excessive, and we know the reason for this is that demand outweighs supply. A simple law of economics is that if there is more demand for goods that are in short supply, then these goods will automatically cost more. Today, I […]

How To Rent Guide Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain

The How to Rent Guide was, quite frankly, a pain in the arse! Until now! Because it can be updated without you knowing it, does that mean it is an underhanded trick by the powers that be to catch you out? Not half! What are the consequences of serving an out of date How to […]

Should You Buy in Huntingdon?

A few weeks ago, I discussed the differences in the rent that could be achieved from properties in the villages and towns around Huntingdon, compared to the town itself. However, I didn’t mention the average values in both and how that affected their annual returns/yields. The average terraced house in Huntingdon is worth £211,542, up […]